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What is Mezzo?

Organizing group meetups is frustrating. We know. That's why we’re building Mezzo, a platform that plans the perfect meetup. We find the overlaps in everyone’s schedules, preferences, and locations so your time is spent with your people, not planning.

Instant functionality within seconds...

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Connect your personal calendar and input your preferences. Make changes at any time. Cut to the chase and start planning meetups.

A Mezzo is worth a thousand words.

Make finding a time easy for everyone. Select friends & colleagues who you want to invite, confirm your schedule & preferences, and skip the phone tag.

Spice things up with Mezzo.

Receive great recommendations for the time, activity, and location of your meetup. Discovering mutually convenient experiences is now a piece of cake.

Meet the Team behind Mezzo.

Grace Brigham

Computer Science

Austin Lee

Human Centered Design Engineering

Krishna Panchap

Computer Science

Yash Mishra

Computer Science

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